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the air. you knew you were when will you will love it the headlines. the leaders uncle. the country's second in command has been removed from power. the state executed in . sure yet determined to expand its air defence owned by central state in close contact with its allies and neighbors to port hardy the party the bales they said the managers endeavors by the sluggish housing market making it easier for home buyers to seek low interest mortgage loans increasing
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government rental houses for low income earners the stories and our next prime time. tuesday the seventh third year in korea apply for a phone line to pay them come in thinking so much for joining us. we begin with some major news out of north korea the next second most powerful than north korean leader kim simmonds own uncle has apparently been forced to step down the fall of tom thumb tack and reported execution the two of his close aides may reflect a major shift in the reclusive state's power structure have enhanced our top story. to the surprise of many times ok who is regarded as the second most influential
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man in north korea in the lead going into power has reportedly been knocked out of multiple high ranking positions. sills national intelligence service made any more to report to the national assembly tuesday afternoon saying that time had been overthrown and two of its close confidants executed. you don't text to a deal on end times is to kill were executed only in late november. into the two are said to have been executed on charges of plotting anti communist party schemes against the kingdom and the team. the cake is not only content and uncle. he has also been the strongest supporter at the north korean leader and oversaw the entire power succession process also as a vice chairman. at full control of the national defense commission the state's most powerful party. so why the sudden falling out although there are no clear answers the general consensus among political analysts is that he
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was filled with mr in a power struggle with vice marshal at him and for telling a major shift in north korea's power structure. today is probably one of the four members of the decision making the stadium at the central committee workers' party and vice chairman of the party central military commission south korean officials present. given the gravity of the matter back to tillman is behind all this. according to seoul's national intelligence service skin is breaking awarded the executions and feverish week conducting so called ideology execution fine we'll see. the sudden change. the government is now keeping a keen eye on north korea's internal complexity and in the us. and for extra steak and tongs remove all and execution of his associates. we are doing lines on the phone with dr fong and thick director of center for foreign policy at
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the sun is too cute. thank you for joining us they do well professor were there any clues that north korea's number two and head of the state's most powerful party would be to post. i carried you in an open and do you live in but not on though it appears though indonesian men. i would say that there's not many of you that to be the pride but. the if the blow out so often that to give us some examples of some of her naps. me i'm a bit and development should be viewed in the up and get out of the kingdom ended up with incredible if they get taller as a leader. we have to admit i now know that north korea is that the inability to agree that if the up to them i think that the home of a
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few credits to spend it on good thing too. so the ride it was only possible because of its kind of him. i'm not in a cute family. and because of that you feel the love of keith wife the death of him going and then i'm going to yishun was not at the canon it and bear in mind that in korean history than in any benefit that the common man cannot wait to go with it peter. what is your outlook on north korea's power structure. now that the second in command is ousted. it only proves that the kingdom and had been bid up the lid on it but i've read that they didn't get that renders but also of it the picnic until the dating holler at the half with me
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her and tell them that have been eyeing the north korea um you know i have learned to open the fifth and forty seven and re formed and development. and bear in mind that i'm done due to mess this up. if i go. on tuesday to hear which with a friend chafing the thought of libido know that the rest of the amusement that the kids all bundled up for by the thought that the idea of north korea is to actually improve though i'm not sure of people. we checked in on foot in it and put it on the durability of it so happened that omar had been singled out. abide in them as though ep of a coup. or in the context of inter korean relations house that sold us up. an island in a letter to
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the pride one yet. you took the kids that don't then don't visit it might be upgrading a great fit and flexible in supporting. committee of the army corporation with a stop because after that all the blame will be helping me with it. on the shoulder of the and who had been without it. and the kingdom and would have a free pass to the pursuit of putting it there. more flexible and adaptable and didn't mind that know me have a new news media at a click on it the picture of what was that the kindle or both of them i vs or your insights tonight thank you. we'll create a set to announce a new air defense held sometime this
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week in response to china redrawing its control territory late last month the soul however says it will stay in close contact with its allies and neighbors to avoid damaging fast among interested parties. he has to be counts. the government will finalize plans to meet up for me as arrogant and identification found by the end of this week. and i think senior defence ministry officials said tuesday that cr vs top security advisers will meet later this week to confirm that the tale of a new cell. once an agreement this week he said neighboring countries will be notified if the plans before a formal announcement is made the move follows the team announcement that its air and fell last month which has as a leading military tensions in northeast asia. the tiny cell and overlaps with bond set by japan and covers disputed islands that are controlled by content. it also partly overlaps with kirby as air and sound and
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the aerial space about your old of march aki max buying exclusive economic zones in the east china sea held by the two countries. korea is now considering expanding air and fell a further south to cover it yet though. saul's upcoming announcement is expected to further raise tensions with neighboring nations. and with washington have any privacy. tokyo the fourteenth countering beatings latest declaration is always the same day test victory at us like it china's air defense tillamook be one of the key issues addressed by american vice president joe biden during a speech at work this week. the white house said that by the express us concerns to officials the bj hoff also very witty and allies for me and japan. on sunny and nice. witnesses said the asia pacific region rising over time as new air defense selling us vice president joe biden sit down with japanese prime minister
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so i bid on tuesday demanded reports on how biden stressed the importance of dialogue and avoiding conflict. us vice president joe biden met with japanese prime minister shinzo lot in tokyo on tuesday with security issues surrounding the asia pacific region topped the agenda would depend on that over time as controversial new air defense oh five is set out to reassure topic that the us japan alliance is the cornerstone of us security. he also called for better cooperation between washington and its allies in asia namely japan and korea with regard to the chinese defense so odd is that he will bring up the matter when he meets with chinese president teaching pain in beijing later this week prior to and in tokyo the first top of the week long trip with these days bowden said in an interview with the japanese duty outside symbol. but the us remains deeply concerned about the current tensions in the region. in response to us
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vice president's comments china's foreign ministry spokesperson pointed the finger back at japan what a city. we propose that china and japan should enhance communication and dialogue probably solve the issue flight safety in overlapping so we demonstrate our sincerity but when it comes to dialogue. japan has kept its torque loves the spokesman added that more than twenty countries have gone up their defense though. and that china's recent announcement was made to safeguard national sovereignty and ensure their space safety as for by your flight to beijing on wednesday for talks with chinese president seat in pain. before coming to seoul on thursday where he has to sit down with president park and a command and identities in other news trade officials of korea and australia met on tuesday evening to begin working level talks for joining the trans pacific partnership for ppp. the meeting took place the sidelines of the ministerial conference of
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the world trade organization and bali in sydney that for all twelve nations already committed to the ttp yard gather the korea which late last week expressed an interest in going to be the seasons but also meet with officials from japan canada and other nations already in the tree tops that special to happen either in bali or in singapore at the venue for in ministerial meeting slated for saturday before your dna. and another begins. get the latest line soul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the cold its global network and one on arrival that is seventeen always on standby. south
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finally a breakthrough to rowling opposition parties that come to a compromise and mentors aimed at ending a months long deadlock and normalizing problem entry procedures starting wednesday during a meeting on tuesday with resumes and eating the chairs and floor leaders of her rulings in the tea party and the opposition democratic parties agree to lock the special committee in charge of reforming the national intelligence service within the national assembly that the opposition parties meeting the committee the two sides have been at odds over allegations that the nation's spy agency and other governmental bodies medal in last year's presidential election. as the pending issue of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations from rival parties decided to continue negotiations. earlier today that the nation's top off this president up and hand held bilateral talks to her inquiry counterpart during which the two leaders agreed to further boost cooperation particularly in the economic sector. the presidential office correspondence and two
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as well. beckett and visiting freak president carol us but only as neatly focused on expanding the two countries' economic cooperation and trade or seven topps on tuesday afternoon. isn't that called on the greek air from and to be ratified to create a youth retreat prevent professionally to the fact of july two thousand eleven. but final ratification requires each eu member country to ratify the trade pact respectively. the trade deal is currently awaiting approval from six eu nations belgium france greece italy sweden and finland. the two leaders also agreed to strengthen the cooperation and the ship building sector greece's korea's largest export market for brussels the past four years ship orders from greece have accounted for a quarter of the turtle ship orders proceed like korea. in two thousand wealth and the one point nine billion dollars in total korean exports to
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countries more than eighty per cent for alcan shipments of vessels. president also has a great president to support korean can't be skipping to take part in transportation infrastructure projects in rates. but this year marking the sixtieth anniversary of the korean war armistice president that increase for sending some ten thousand troops and will each bring the war and a two leaders promised to continue cooperation on security issues on the korean peninsula. origin shares added a new. government but the attention that on the nation's sluggish real estate market with a set of refined plans to boost the market. i touched one ga has details on how the measures will help low income house hunters and the more backbone into korean households main form of access. the korean government has read out a sack and provides mentors to boost the country's ailing housing market. the measures announced during an economy
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related ministers meeting on tuesday come as a means to improving two sets of housing policies introduced earlier this year. despite implementation of the policies already in use to finance minister come up with karen the meeting said that the real estate market has failed to enter into a state of full recovery. from there though it's vacations that housing prices are going to try it and there's also an imbalance of supply and demand due to soaring rental security deposits. to counter the lingering uncertainties in that nation's housing market the revised stimulus measures include unifying the types of government backed mortgage loans the government will also allocate eleven trillion won roughly ten billion us dollars for government mortgage loans next year busy as this year's record amount to me. as one single day will run the loan program for home buyers will be able to secure loans at lower interest rates. under the new
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measures the overall number of so called happy houses which are a form of rental housing will be cut by thirty percent to one hundred and forty thousand the number of other forms of state owned rental homes solely for low income families will rise from sixty thousand as previously and one hundred and ten thousand revitalizing the beach is faltering housing market has been at major focus for economic policy makers as seventy percent of assets held by korean households are in real estate. and because of that officials say the ailing housing market could have a negative impact on consumption which makes up more than half of the nation's gross domestic product. does it again. i pray i had made its deadly landfall in the philippines just about a month ago and relief efforts continue to
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help residents to recover and pick up their lives. tonight we explore how won the group in korea is mobilizing itself to send help that we are joined by country running team leader and manager in emergency assistance as world vision korea here in studio welcome to program and swimming. so where does the world fishing korea get involved in around the world and how did it decide to help the victims and the typhoons on high and yet from the city the west there are super hype and keep the country. what do these in acting to me senator reid to cut it there the scale of the two sister first. and the river response as to appreciation. so we become a bit of grease rewritten or ten or so we can and can never prove a response to that it's been two weeks means what the intention of pasta machine would be mobilized to respond to the test. hope that if the situation in the philippines and what sort
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of humanitarian assistance was provided for deepening the gift and he and his the busy bee get the team did an awesome so the information but wheatley he expect me to the readers nearest into a muscle ache there are more than five thousand people at the sofa and the one dollars in the seven hundred people still nice to see his successor. and then we just you know was that these dancers to happen. we think that we need full hours in this than two hours. in response team was deployed to that that area to start there the assessment to find out the what is unique in the horse that is the spirit a nice response when duke was wrong to have the people affected by disaster. so you help people who have lost their homes gets through to the shelter of medical care but what about the more vulnerable communities like mothers children in other people who may need additional help all kinds of services to provide for them yet we err meandering naked
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coup de santo coolest and most enhanced care center. we tease you know we are targeting like. taking monday and the pregnant woman and are still the key killer of the men featured in under five. especially the most of the learning center court this time that friend is the piece because many choose to end its chief in mineral spirits and in denver so it can thus the dcu return he does choose to their family member is killed or buying been confused as to pieces so to try lucky he didn't put the sunni have to do read it closely. so which are probably end in mind. bits are narrowing the program. i still beat right to respond to do with what you think you about the role was in the air like it is a disaster the listing crazed and to share their story on by and no bidders town like telling them you know that innocent some picture and the sharing
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their story and praying the doctor checked around and it's been a scanned the bidding process for him oh well thank you so much for your efforts there and best of luck. they've given us. the scare and i was heading back to the ice after recovering from injuries stephen kaye joins us to tell us more about the spears latest move so other. hey guys the queen is back after being away for more than two months and she's headed to crow is set to participate in a second caravans that is her last competition before the olympics. she told the press before boarding her flight it in time that shield and dale are present short and free speech programs at the golden state was the graph. her short program is set to send in the clowns her free skate to ideals of nino event will run from thursday a good weekend. now
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onto some football in the uk me on are the top performing footballers and awards ceremony in stellar on tuesday. and as many had expected to sign striker condition of one's name became the classics most valuable player as well as giving the best eleven and spent the pre awards meanwhile soul attacker day on was named in the best eleven for his fourth straight year while some just hung with people of all was named the mvp of the second week now let's get to tuesday's cup match ups starting indicate the yelp the kt sonic boom posted it on some others in cause i have a father starts with an electrifying pace the braided twenty seven points in the first. and a half off i said that the contract not the third quarter combat but it's not enough time zones and builds up six a team high eighteen points and wonders with sixty nine to sixty two
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now it's to be me the korean air jumbo stood on the tenth goal of exploring in and shut out the call comes in looking to mount a second round comeback they take the first two sets now with that said premier hits turbulence that goal capped a licence and consider buying a character that storm win in straight sets three to nothing to earn reports. that does for me near the sports and fitness has been speeding ten setback at midnight. what a way to spin the local sports. wind dust from china
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is becky and i hear more news on what it tells us her until i can book out that the weather center. but don't tell us more. any nice time tea and black mask on your way it out if possible because we are currently seeing about two to three times thehe normal amount of fine cast and the atmosphere well natalie we have a fine cast concentration at the gym i go back for cubic meter every five hours but this morning up to two hundred and fifty eight micah has been detec the products that when we have or whether it is hard for the fine dust to stay in air. but when the temperature warms up like they have recently that the stakes are browns and this round is forecast to stick around through thursday i'm scared that current conditions. under the influence of a high pressure system which is why
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we're seeing clear skies and trust that he now we will continue to have mild weather before boarding the boat dropped below zero starting friday also dry weather warnings eyes though and if bank and east street in sophie's watch out for forest fire. taking a closer look at tomorrow's reading this post that top the day had two victories but the high of ten the mock cable in twenty oh eight when the sun that is it me or does he not see either be since the advent of the peak at eleven degrees while mottram and tops out at two. some i have three kids i left the coffee you have to be nagged. broadcasts on this tuesday nights and it's a pain so that's all and thanks for watching the cia said
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the kid international audiences are all interested in assisting the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i like about it it's the mystery is that. not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also just alerted. you know about
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the closure of the land to barbie and you get to play with bergen norway. through slept through the turbo honors you get. you know and ideals what's all this means light of the lenders because they're they're set in sweden and of the main character is said to us to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you're one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia lecturer suddenly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that to prevent the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the likeness of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that then they have here is very much involved in this grid
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so it get it through the books and great fun with our best to address one of the books i brought that to me. and lo and behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful. gary has to look at it and is very very good after i ate i really like the wall and are serious about high time to qualify that because i've watched some of the irene us. and she is it that is really going to take off. it begins with irene and doing the karate kicks in your meal is taken when she was she doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive country. so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my thing. the very pleased that
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though. within the last year or so imagery is now selling the cds online and i've been promoting them on my website its existing stock on because i've really fill that if you own the united states via verbal opportunity to buy. foreign tv stuff was so high. i just want to spread the word the us inhale. yours. you knew wing
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ruling will. they are the discussion of the ukrainian prime minister stands to reason with the comment real position on the grounds and book shelf of the cabinets resignation the divisions in ukraine become more visible with people and the peacemaking is key at that not as eager to move closer to the evening the cars on the streets of kiev. also this hour. so

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